Stopping the cash flow to ISIS from countries like Canada

By Christine Duhaime | September 28th, 2014

Islamic State: Stopping the cash flow from countries like Canada

Christine Duhaime

Great conversation about the sources of terrorist funds to the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) on CBC News Now in Toronto yesterday which touched on a wide range of interesting counter-terrorism finance topics including the role of financial institutions, money services businesses, potential attacks on critical infrastructure in Canada, stored value cards, Bitcoin and liability under the Arab Bank case for banks whose customers commit terrorist acts that cause harm.

Christine Duhaime

This week both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama highlighted the importance of stopping the flow of funds to extremist groups like ISIS. In this interview, we discuss ways in which that is happening and how it can be mitigated and on the need for a greater dialogue to take place with the private sector in Canada for national security purposes to counter terrorist financing.

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