Iran confirms supporting an ICO and several Blockchain projects

By Christine Duhaime | April 20th, 2019

On Tuesday, Iranian officials spoke to the Iranian media and confirmed that a government organization – Iran Telecommunication Research Center – has 4 Blockchain projects in progress that have looked at using Blockchain for policy making, threat management and business use cases for Iran. Further, they announced that a project at Sharif University, funded by Iran, developed a taxi app for consumers using Blockchain which launched an ICO already.

The Iran Telecommunication Research Center is interesting for another reason – it facilitated the introduction of Ericsson’s 5G to Iran in 2017, and tested 5G for government officials (see the aggressive photo attached from the Ericsson event in Tehran of a military aircraft with 5G on the wings). Iran’s Irancell and Ericsson signed an agreement for 5G in Iran in 2017 to make it available in Iran by 2020. Irancell is a government owned and controlled organization, said to be controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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