Iran confirms supporting an ICO and several Blockchain projects

By Christine Duhaime | April 20th, 2019

On Tuesday, Iranian officials spoke to the Iranian media and confirmed that a government organization – Iran Telecommunication Research Center – has 4 Blockchain projects in progress that have looked at using Blockchain for policy making, threat management and business use cases for Iran. Further, they announced that a project at Sharif University, funded by Iran, developed a taxi app for consumers using Blockchain which launched an ICO already.

The Iran Telecommunication Research Center is interesting for another reason – it facilitated the introduction of Ericsson’s 5G to Iran in 2017, and tested 5G for government officials (see the aggressive photo attached from the Ericsson event in Tehran of a military aircraft with 5G on the wings). Iran’s Irancell and Ericsson signed an agreement for 5G in Iran in 2017 to make it available in Iran by 2020. Irancell is a government owned and controlled organization, and it is said by Iranians, to be owned and controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and foundations controlled by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. China and several other countries in Asia are ahead in 5G research, innovation and deployment whereas Canada is quite behind, and even at deployment, will be required to buy and use technology from foreign countries, as well as to risk the compromise and abuse of its user data to foreign parties, whether they be commercial or non-commercial parties.

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