AML Investigations Toolkit

Handy tool of links

The below is a handy research and investigations link toolkit to facilitate financial crime research and investigations, at this link. Each category of research or set of tools links to an external resource, and it aggregates links onto one easy-to-use page.

Organized by topic

The toolkit is organized as follows:
(a) the left hand column of resources, in yellow, includes real-time news alerts related to financial crime from around the world, followed by financial crime news sites and podcasts relevant to financial crime and intel-gathering, including military intel.

(b) the following four columns cover tools related to several areas such as banking, bribery, capital markets, country risks, drug trafficking, AML legislation, regulators, FIUs, geo-locating, image tools, Iran, the world’s most wanted, sanctions lists, terrorists lists, OSINT tools and many others.