Russian national who provided money laundering as a service, pleads guilty in US

Tweet A Russian national, Maksim Boiko, who was accused of operating a money laundering as a service (“MLaaS“) business, pleaded guilty in Pittsburg today, to one count of conspiracy to launder money. In this case, the MLaaS involved opening personal and company bank accounts to receive and then move money for criminals and opening Bitcoin […]

35 darknet drug traffickers arrested in the US; $20 million in Bitcoin seized

Tweet Over 35 people were arrested in a US-wide sweep by the US DOJ, DEA, US Secret Service, ICE, HSI and the FBI agents for selling illegal drugs over the darknet and laundering the proceeds of crime using, inter alia, Bitcoin. The operation involved agents posing as digital currency exchanges to obtain personal information of […]

2017 Worldwide threat assessment – the rule of law is at risk

Tweet The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its annual Worldwide Threat Assessment on May 11, 2017, from the US Intelligence Community and compared to last year, there are many more international threats to world security. The Threat Assessment from the US is a summary of all of the threats facing the US, […]

DEA & Secret Service Agents in Silk Road investigation arrested for stealing $1 million in Bitcoin

Tweet Two  US government agents in Silk Road investigation arrested for allegedly stealing over $1 million of Bitcoin from Silk Road during the investigation Two former government agents involved in the Silk Road murder and extortion investigations in Baltimore, Carl Force and Shaun Bridges, were arrested and charged with corruption, money laundering, wire fraud and […]

Two arrested, including one Canadian, in the 1st state bitcoin prosecution in Florida over alleged money laundering

Tweet In another first for bitcoin, the Miami Beach Police today arrested two men for alleged money laundering involving bitcoin. And one of them is Canadian. According to police, undercover officers and special agents from the Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force posed as bitcoins buyers and contacted various bitcoin sellers on the website “” specifically […]

Romanian pleads guilty to eBay cyberlaundering scam

Tweet A Romanian man has pleaded guilty for his role in a cyberlaundering scam that took in about US$2.7 million from users of online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist and AutoTrader. Adrian Ghighina, 33, of Bucharest, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bank fraud and money laundering in U.S. District Court for the District of Illinois. Ghighina […]

Online games may be new vehicle for money launderers

Tweet According to this article in, online virtual games are fast becoming a preferred method of money laundering proceeds of crime for criminals. Online games such as “Second Life”, “World of Warcraft” and “Dungeons and Dragons”, allow players to purchase goods and services using real credit or charge cards (i.e., American Express), electronic payment […]