The Canadian mining race for clean tech minerals – on land and in the deep-sea

Tweet Canada is racing to become a mining superpower but will its investments be enough? Clean Tech Energy Transition Late in 2022, Canada announced a series of new strategies aimed at re-igniting the domestic mining industry for rare earth elements (REEs) and critical minerals needed for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy […]

Taiwan busts US$462M underground bank, money laundering and gambling operation that allegedly influenced elections

Tweet The police in Chiayi, Taiwan, shut down an underground banking operation and international gambling syndicate allegedly used to influence municipal and federal election results. The underground bank moved US$462 million from China to Taiwan in ways that are designed to circumvent the laws in China that control currency conversions and exports. Arrested were Hsiao […]

TD Bank sued over $7 million in diamonds stolen during a bank heist from a safety deposit box

Tweet While not a new case, this litigation is interesting for the fact that it discusses the practice of safety deposit box swaps to transfer assets anonymously, and the holding that there is no requirement that safety deposit boxes contain lawfully obtained property. IOW, under the common law, a safety deposit box can contain stolen […]

Canada’s diamond trade being used for money laundering and terrorist financing, report finds

Tweet Canada is among a handful of countries where the diamond industry is being used for money laundering and terrorist financing, according to a report by a global financial crime body. The report by the Financial Action Task Force, a Paris-based global body that sets standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, says that […]