Casinos must file the following reports with FINTRAC:

  • Suspicious transaction reports if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a gambling transaction or attempted transaction is related to the commission or attempted commission of a money laundering or terrorist financing offence.
  • Terrorist property reports if the casino has property in its possession or control that it knows is owned or controlled by, or on behalf of, a terrorist or terrorist group, as well as any information it has about a transaction or proposed transaction in respect of such property.
  • Large cash transaction reports if it receives cash of $10,000 or more in a single transaction from a client for gambling purposes.
  • Electronic funds transfers reports when it sends out of Canada or receives from outside Canada, an electronic funds transfer of $10,000 or more in the course of a single transaction at a client’s request.
  • Casino disbursement reports for disbursements of $10,000 or more from a chip redemption, front cash withdrawal, safe-keeping withdrawal, credit advance, bet payment, client payment of funds received for credit, cheque cashing or and reimbursement to clients of travel and entertainment expenses.