TD Bank sued over $7 million in diamonds stolen during a bank heist from a safety deposit box

While not a new case, this litigation is interesting for the fact that it discusses the practice of safety deposit box swaps to transfer assets anonymously, and the holding that there is no requirement that safety deposit boxes contain lawfully obtained property. IOW, under the common law, a safety deposit box can contain stolen items [...]

Ming Pao Newspaper covers diamond smuggling trade from Hong Kong to Vancouver

Diamond smuggling into Vancouver The Ming Pao Saturday Magazine has an interesting story on the arrest of two men from Hong Kong who attempted to smuggle $120 million worth of diamonds into Canada. The diamonds were strapped to their legs and are believed to be proceeds of crime. The story discusses the issue of money [...]

Woman arrested in Toronto with 10,000 uncut diamonds inside her

Toronto woman arrested with 10,000 diamonds stored in a body part by Christine Duhaime, BA, JD, Certified Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Law Specialist Follow @cduhaime A woman arriving from Trinidad & Tobago was arrested at Toronto’s International Airport last month attempting to import 10,000 uncut diamonds in one of her body cavities. She has [...]

Canada’s diamond trade being used for money laundering and terrorist financing, report finds

Canada is among a handful of countries where the diamond industry is being used for money laundering and terrorist financing, according to a report by a global financial crime body. The report by the Financial Action Task Force, a Paris-based global body that sets standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, says that Canada [...]