The CIA on terrorism and tech

On June 16, 2016, the Director of the CIA testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in respect of the Islamic State (ISIS), terrorism and technology generally. Here is an executive summary: The CIA said there there has never been a time when there is such a “dizzying” array of national security issues and [...]

Summary of the 2016 US Threat Assessment

The Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community (the “Report“) prepared by the Director of National Intelligence on February 9, 2016, is a very interesting read from a counter-terrorism perspective, and essential reading for any bank in respect of assessing client and regional risks. Generally, the Report is dead on in respect of the [...]

Nigeria says US$150 billion stolen from state coffers in 10 years by politically exposed persons

Whopping $150 Billion Stolen from Nigeria in 10 Years Nigeria’s new President, Muhammadu Buhari, today said that the government believes that its officials have stolen approximately US$150 billion from the state in the past ten years.  In anti-money laundering law, high ranking government officials with access to state property and assets are politically exposed persons (“PEP“). [...]

In 2015, more countries become terrorist hotspots; Canada moves up ranks to become 35th in terrorism threat index; US moves up to 17th place

US and Canada move up on the terrorism threat index 2014 and thus far in 2015, have been marked by a dramatic increase in terrorist incidents and in the number of countries that have been pulled into terrorist activity and for which financial institutions have been used for terrorist financing. Western countries are becoming less [...]

The “Twitter Terrorist”

March 1, 2015, updated on May 10, 2015 Note: This is a counter-terrorism opinion based on our review of ISIS-inspired Twitter accounts for an eight month period and is intended for an audience familiar with AML/CTF.  Some Tweets included herein may be disturbing to readers who are unfamiliar with terrorism. The Twitter Terrorist & Digital Terrorism Introduction [...]

The 7-year old ‘Baby Girl’ terrorist ~ Nigeria and the growing phenomena of women terrorists

Youngest known case of girl terrorist Today, a young girl believed to be as young as seven years old, killed herself and several others in a suicide bomb terrorist attack in the northeastern part of Nigeria in the ongoing confrontation from Boko Haram. The attack represents the youngest known female suicide bomber. Other similar terrorist incidents [...]