Woman arrested in Toronto with 10,000 uncut diamonds inside her

Tweet Toronto woman arrested with 10,000 diamonds stored in a body part A woman arriving from Trinidad & Tobago, He­le­na Frei­da Bod­ner, was arrested at Toronto’s International Airport last month attempting to import 10,000 uncut diamonds in one of her body cavities. She has been charged with smuggling, making a false statement to immigration authorities, […]

Primer on correspondent banking relationships and offshore tax havens

Tweet How correspondent banking relationships are used to launder funds My favorite resource for correspond banking is the US Senate Report on Correspondent Banking published several years ago. Despite its age, it remains timely because it deals specifically with how the US financial system is used by correspondent banks in, mainly offshore tax havens to, […]

Canadian indicted in US for money laundering

Tweet International tax lawyer and former fund manager from Quebec indicted after IRS sting The arrest of two Canadians from Quebec, Eric St-Cyr, an investment fund manager, and Patrick Poulin, a lawyer, in the US over money laundering charges hit the news today when their cases were transferred to Florida for prosecution. St-Cyr and Poulin […]