Escort agency charged with money laundering

Tweet The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI announced the filing today of money laundering and prostitution charges against several Philadelphia-based companies, R.S. Duffy Inc. and National A-1 Advertising Inc., that allegedly ran an escort service from the website The companies entered into a plea agreement in respect of money laundering conspiracy charges and […]

A primer on human trafficking, human smuggling and money laundering

Tweet Human Trafficking & Money Laundering Human trafficking is the second largest illicit business in the world, after drug trafficking, generating as much as US$40 million annually in proceeds of crime that are laundered through the legitimate financial system. It is a modern form of slavery, defined as any act that involves the transport, harbouring, […]

Escort service CEO sentenced for money laundering

Tweet Ran Prostitution Service Disguised as Escort Service A Washington woman was sentenced today to two years in prison after pleading guilty to laundering the proceeds of crime derived from running an organized prostitution service disguised as an escort service at a tribal casino. Cheryl Larson pleaded guilty to prostitution, money laundering and possession of […]