“The party is over” – Colombia takes action on tax evasion and imposes 33% surtax on “hit list” countries

Tweet Party is over says Colombia Minister of Finance The government of Colombia is imposing a 33% surtax on assets moved out of the country by its nationals to known tax havens. The surtax will be assessed against individuals and corporations to curb the exodus of funds out of Colombia. The government estimates that the […]

U.S. lawyer pleads guilty to conspiracy to evade taxes in connection with Swiss bank accounts held by U.S. clients

Tweet Tax Evasion Plea Edgar Paltzer, a lawyer called to the bar in Switzerland and the U.S. with the Zurich firm of Niederer, Kraft and Frey, pleaded guilty today in New York to conspiracy to evade taxes and faces up to five years in prison. According to Mr. Paltzer’s indictment, the bank with whom he […]

$120 billion removed from China by public officials reports finds

Tweet According to a report published in China by the Central Bank (that has since been removed from the Bank of China’s website) and reported by the BBC, close to 20,000 public officials in China have collectively removed about US$120 billion from China and transferred it to just 4 countries –> Canada, the US, Australia […]