G20 agrees to immigration policy measures to crack down on corrupt immigrants and proceeds of crime imported into G20 countries, including deportation of wealthy foreign nationals

Tweet Crackdown on foreign nationals with unverified funds The G20 leaders have endorsed a sweeping plan proposed by its Anti-Corruption Working Group (“ACWG“) in 2012 to tackle the illicit movement of proceeds of crime internationally by corrupt foreign nationals to other countries (usually done as part of an immigration process). The change is part of […]

Canadian woman charged with failure to report importation of money in US that was concealed in underwear

Tweet The US has charged a Canadian woman for failing to report the transportation of more than USD$10,000 cash in the country as required by US anti-money laundering legislation. The woman, Moura El-Asmar, is alleged to have sewn $39,000 into her bra and to have attempted to enter the US wearing that bra. She is […]

Canada moves forward on law to remove foreign criminals

Tweet Foreign Criminals Removal On Monday, Canada’s immigration minister will move forward with legislation to facilitate the removal of foreign criminals from Canada. Bill C-43, entitled the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act, will amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in the following ways: Certain foreign nationals convicted of a criminal offence in Canada will […]

Canadian officials agree to share cross-border currency reports with U.S.

Tweet Officials from Canada’s Border Services Agency (CBSA), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have signed an agreement that requires the countries to notify one another when more than $10,000 in currency is seized at the border. The Memorandum of Understanding for the Sharing of Currency Seizure Information is based […]