Vancouver fraudster charged in alleged US$58 million boiler room stock scam; related to Frederick Sharp case

Tweet The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed another enforcement action related to the Frederick Sharp case, this one involving the operation of a boiler room in Colombia used to solicit investments from investors for little issuers. The SEC alleges that the defendants ran a call centre boiler room in the cocaine capital of […]

Operation Broken Trust indictees charged with money laundering

Tweet Several of the people named in today’s nationwide crackdown in the U.S. known as “Operation Broken Trust” have been charged, and in some cases already convicted, of money laundering. Operation Broken Trust is the first national effort in the U.S. aimed at cracking down on investment fraud schemes. It involved enforcement actions against 343 […]

Lawyers and money laundering – some case studies

Tweet Case Studies on Lawyers & Money Laundering Scott Rothstein The 50-year prison sentence imposed on Scott Rothstein in July of this year for running a US$1.2 billion Ponzi scheme from his Florida law firm, money laundering and stealing client trust funds, is the latest in a series of high-profile money laundering cases involving lawyers […]

Florida lawyer pleads guilty to running US$1.2 billion Ponzi scheme

Tweet Scott Rothstein, a Florida lawyer who co-founded the now-defunct firm, Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler, pleaded guilty to running a US$1.2 billion Ponzi scheme and five counts of RICO conspiracy, fraud and money laundering in the biggest investment fraud case in South Florida history. Rothstein, 47, is expected to receive a 30 to 50 year sentence […]