Partner of alleged international human trafficker and money launderer arrested in Dominican Republic

By Christine Duhaime | August 29th, 2019

Marisol Franco, the common law spouse of César Peralta, known as “César the Abuser” was arrested in the Dominican Republic yesterday in connection with charges against Peralta of alleged money laundering, drug trafficking and human trafficking of young women from Venezuela and Colombia. Peralta was designated as a drug kingpin in the US last week by the US Treasury and is being sought by the US government. He has disappeared.

In addition to being the common law spouse of an alleged major drug kingpin and human trafficker, Franco is the daughter of Franklin Franco, a drug dealer wanted by the US Marshals whom the Dominican Republic declined to extradite for over 20 years. Her sister, Franklin Franco’s other daughter, Berlinesa Franco, is a politician in the Dominican Republic.

And in addition, Marisol Franco’s ex-husband is also a politician named Sergio Moya de la Cruz.

You can read more about Peralta, Franco and Moya here. Some media stories in the Dominican Republic are theorizing that the family used its political influence and made corruption payments to government officials and prosecutors for Franklin Franco to be protected from prosecution, and likewise for César the Abuser to avoid prosecution, both for twenty years. As well, Sergio Moya was charged with laundering $300 million in the Dominican Republic, and those charges were vacated when evidence was no longer available.

They are all politically exposed persons – César the Abuser, Marisol Franco, Berlinesa Franco and Sergio Moya de la Cruz – and several of them did not have actual employment before they became wealthy.

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