Ottawa Professor ordered extradited to France to face charges over terrorist attack

By Christine Duhaime | April 5th, 2012

Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General has ordered the extradition of Canadian Sociology professor Hassan Diab to France to face charges of murder, attempted murder and destruction of property related to the 1980 terrorist attack on a synagogue in Paris that killed 4 people, and injured 40 others. The terrorist attack was anti-semitic and took place on the day of the celebration of Simchat Torah, the final day of a Jewish festival.

Under Canada’s Extradition Act, a hearing is held to determine whether a person can be extradited. At that hearing, the judge must be satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case that an extraditable crime has been committed. If committal is ordered, the Minister of Justice then decides whether the person sought should be surrendered to the requesting state. Although France’s case against Diab is largely circumstantial, an Ontario court ruled last year that the evidence against Diab was sufficient to establish a prima facie case. As a result, Diab was committed for extradition. He has appealed that decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Diab is under house arrest in Ottawa.

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