Financier Worldwide Magazine – Infrastructure funding and corruption in Canada

By Christine Duhaime | August 4th, 2014

Our article in Financier Worldwide, linked below, discusses the approval in Canada of the last tranche of $100 billion in infrastructure funding authorized on the unusual basis that it be used for corruption-free projects.

The approval comes as Canada grapples with the fallout from the largest corruption case in the world and the first money laundering one over the construction of the $2 billion McGill University Health Centre that was built under the public-private partnership model, and the repercussions of recent negative corruption rankings of Canadian companies in Europe.

The article also discusses the politically exposed status of the former head of the MUHC, Dr. Arthur Porter, who is resisting extradition to Canada from Panama over alleged bribery charges.

Infrastructure funding and corruption in Canada — Financier Worldwide.

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