Australia proposing sweeping new counter terrorism laws that would make it an offence to travel to terrorist-impregnated regions

By Christine Duhaime | September 20th, 2014

The government of Australia is set to announce sweeping new counter-terrorism laws early next week according to several news reports.

The new anti-terrorism laws will, inter alia:

  • Authorize police to secretly search the home of suspected terrorists.
  • Allow the incarceration for up to five years of persons convicted of preaching radical extremists acts (presumably related to violence).
  • Allow the government to deem foreign regions or cities that are known or suspected terrorist locations as “proscribed” destinations for the purposes of permitting greater anti-terrorism measures to apply.
  • Travelling to, or remaining in, a proscribed location would be an offence under Australian law.
  • Law enforcement will be authorized to conduct covert searches on the property of terrorist suspects without notice of a search warrant until six months after the issuance of the warrant.
  • It will be an offence to promote a terrorist act, or to advocate such an act even it it never occurs.

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