ISIS confirmed it is sending defectors back home to the West with instructions to commit terrorist acts

By Christine Duhaime | February 7th, 2015

ISIS  sending defectors back home

According to the popular website “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” written by people who oppose the Islamic State (“ISIS“) living in ar Raqqa, Syria, a town occupied by ISIS, ISIS is starting a campaign to send defectors back home to places like Canada, the UK, France and the US to carry out terrorist and suicide attacks.

The Syrian website operators translated the song that is heard in the video depicting the burning death of the Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasabeh, and spoke with members of ISIS in ar Raqqa about the song’s message. The website authors say that members of ISIS informed them that ISIS is starting a campaign to falsely state that foreign fighters who defected from their home countries (such as from countries like the US and Canada) and fought with them, have now defected from ISIS and are trying to return home. In reality, ISIS is funding them to return home to commit terrorist acts in the West.

The song says that ISIS’ battles will be “in their own home” referring to countries that are participating in attacks against ISIS. In the hi-tech video of the burning death of al-Kasabeh produced by ISIS, flags of the coalition countries are featured as the former Jordanian pilot describes their air strikes against ISIS, and the first country featured is –> Canada.

In order to ensure that the defectors are re-admissible in their home countries for immigration purposes, ISIS appears to have devised a plan to claim on social media that certain foreign men and women who joined them are now defectors. The ISIS members who talked to the Syrian website authors said that ISIS will “facilitate their entry into Western countries” by publishing rumors of defection [on social media].

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