Vancouver man who tried to smuggle HK$13 million worth of cannabis buds into Hong Kong, sentenced to 52 months jail

By Christine Duhaime | October 19th, 2019

A Vancouver man, Sinara Nou, was sentenced last week to 52 months in jail following a conviction in Hong Kong for attempting to smuggle in HK$13 million worth of cannabis through the Hong Kong International Airport in two suitcases.

In February 2019, Nou was arrested while attempting to smuggle cannabis buds into Hong Kong – he stashed 16 slabs of cannabis buds wrapped in towels in one suitcase and 14 slabs in the another, weighting 29 kgs combined, with a street value of close to HK$13 million (US$3.8 million).

Nou said he was on welfare in Vancouver and smuggled the drugs into Hong Kong for $25,000.

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