Interpol holds emergency meeting over Ndrangheta

By Christine Duhaime | November 9th, 2019

Interpol convened an emergency meeting a few weeks ago during its annual congress in Chile, to address information about how the Ndrangheta became the world’s largest and most powerful transnational criminal organization, and address strategies to counter their continued position of power.

With operations in 30 countries, and its controlling families in Toronto, the Ndrangheta has become the main drug trafficking organization in the world, with ties to Mexican and Columbian drug cartels. For quite a number of years, the Ndrangheta have controlled shipping ports in a number of countries to enable drug movements.

Italian journalists traveled to Toronto, Italy and Hong Kong to explore the growth of the Ndrangheta globally (a clip here), which is available to read on the La Republica website here (paywalled).

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