Drug kingpin Caesar Emilio Peralta (Caesar el Abusador) arrested in Colombia on anniversary of Escobar’s death

By Christine Duhaime | December 8th, 2019

Caesar Emilio Peralta, also known as Caesar the abuser, an OFAC designated drug kingpin from the Dominican Republic, was arrested in a rented condo in a hotel in the upscale Bocagrande District of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Police say he was getting ready to flee to Panama.

Peralta is wanted on charges of international narcotics trafficking and he is alleged as well to have engaged in the trafficking of women and girls from Venezuela to the Dominican Republic. He was allegedly tipped in respect of his pending arrest by Dominican Republic officials, according to locals.

Peralta fled the Dominican Republic in August 2019, days before his OFAC designation was released and several members of his drug organization were arrested.

In Cartagena, Peralta was captured in a one bedroom suite, number 1104 of the 3-star Murano Elite Hotel. Peralta’s last sleep outside of prison was in the apartment’s green-infused bed with the word “love” above it. The suite is available for rent here. Colombian national police said that Peralta had booked prostitution services and several “business” meetings for the day when he was arrested.

Another drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, used to hang out in Cartagena de Indias. He owned a vacation mansion on La Isla Grande, off the coast of Cartagena de Indias, which is now vacant.

There are other Pablo Escobar connections – Peralta was arrested on purpose in Colombia on December 2, 2019, because that is the day the Colombian national police tracked down and killed Pablo Escobar, 26 years ago.

Peralta arrived in Cartagena on November 29, 2019, on board a private yacht. The national police said that: El periplo de este hombre en Cartagena se centre en encuentros con prostitutas y tuvo muchas reuniones”, meaning he spent his time booking prostitutes in Cartagena.

Peralta told police after his capture that in October 2019, he was in the northern city of Barranquilla, where someone tried to murder him.

Barranquilla is where the nephew of Pablo Escobar, Severo Cuarto Escobar Garzon, was arrested in 2010. He was eventually extradited to the State of Georgia, where he was convicted in 2014, of being part of an organization that laundered drug proceeds as a business from Mexico, the UK, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Australia.

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