SEC suspends trading temporarily of pubco, with ties to Canada, selling a virus killing mask for covid-19

By Christine Duhaime | April 11th, 2020

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC“) temporarily halted the trading of shares of an issuer called Bioelife Corp. over concerns about the accuracy of its claims, and claims of stock promoters, that it has developed coronavirus protective products, and over potentially manipulative trading activity.

Bioelife is a shell, according to its website. It used to be a company that operated a mining project in Saskatchewan – now it sells “coronavirus covid-19 prevention products”, such as masks and pain relieving creams.

A virus killing mask

Bioelife sells a mask from the US, marketed for covid-19, that is represented as capable of killing viruses – a “virus killer” with a represented effective rate of 99.9%. There is no cure for covid-19 at this time.

The most effective relief cream available

Bioelife also sells a cannabis oil cream online from the US, that is represented to consumers to be “the most effective relief cream available” that relieves pain symptoms “on contact.”

A half-pivot that went kaput

Bioelife did a half-pivot into Bitcoin in 2017, paying US$100,000 for a digital currency ICO called KaBoomCoin, and promised in a press release, anonymous payment processing for marijuana purchases in the US that complied with US state KYC (anti-money laundering laws), representing that the company would become a “GATEKEEPER” (all caps in the original). The domain purchased by the company is gone.

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