U.S. lawyer pleads guilty to conspiracy to evade taxes in connection with Swiss bank accounts held by U.S. clients

Tweet Tax Evasion Plea Edgar Paltzer, a lawyer called to the bar in Switzerland and the U.S. with the Zurich firm of Niederer, Kraft and Frey, pleaded guilty today in New York to conspiracy to evade taxes and faces up to five years in prison. According to Mr. Paltzer’s indictment, the bank with whom he […]

French government concerned over potential money laundering with vineyard purchases

Tweet Tracfin report highlights money laundering In its annual money laundering report, France’s Traitement du Renseignement et Action Contre les Circuits Financiers Clandestins (“Tracfin“) expressed concern over money laundering risks associated with the sale of France’s most renowned wineries to investors from China, Hong Kong and Russia. The concern stems from the increase in suspicious […]

MUHC McGill P3 infrastructure case garners another arrest for financial crime

Tweet Wife of Dr. Arthur Porter out on bail Pamela Porter, the spouse of Dr. Arthur Porter, has been released on bail in Montreal after spending more than two months in jail. Ms. Porter is charged with conspiracy and money laundering for Dr. Porter. The money laundering charges stem from what is emerging, if the allegations […]

British judge extradited to Italy on money laundering charges

Tweet Judge extradited for suspected money laundering Colin Dines, a retired British judge and former criminal law lawyer, is being extradited from London to Rome to face charges by an Italian magistrate that he was part of a transnational criminal organization complicit in laundering £344 million at the behest of the Mafia. In 2010, an […]

Record prison sentence imposed on lawyer for insider trading and money laundering

Tweet New York lawyer, Matthew Kluger, was sentenced yesterday in federal court in New Jersey to 12 years in prison for insider trading. His sentence is the longest term ever imposed for that crime in the U.S. Kruger stole undisclosed transactional information on approximately 30 deals when he was a corporate lawyer with several U.S. […]

Teddy bears sales used for money laundering

Tweet The third executive of a Los Angeles toy company, Meichun Cheng Huang, pleaded guilty to conspiracy today as part of a black market peso exchange scheme that laundered almost US$9 million for drug cartels in Mexico and Columbia using teddy bears and Topo Gigio mouse dolls. Huang was a co-owner of the toy company, […]

Florida businessman pleads guilty in US$800 million Ponzi scheme

Tweet Florida businessman Nevin Shapiro pleaded guilty to running a US$880 million Ponzi scheme. Shapiro was the founder and president of Capitol Investments USA, Inc. (Capitol), a grocery distribution business. He surrendered to the FBI and was arraigned in federal court in New Jersey in April of this year. He was charged with securities fraud […]

Lawyer pleads guilty to laundering funds for client

Tweet South Carolina tax lawyer, John O’Connor, pleaded guilty today to a charge of money laundering in connection with his involvement in a conspiracy to liquidate and conceal money stolen by a former client. The former client, William Trier, embezzled approximately US$5 million over a ten year period from his employer by creating phoney invoices […]

Brooklyn lawyer sentenced to 15 years for money laundering

Tweet Steven Rondos, a Brooklyn lawyer who admitted stealing US$4 million from the trust accounts of 23 disabled or incapacitated clients, was sentenced to 15 years in prison today in New York. Rondos was the court-appointed legal guardian in charge of supervising the guardianship accounts of clients who were incapacitated. He used some of the […]