Politically exposed Chinese foreign national pleads guilty to immigration fraud

Tweet Shilan Zhao (趙世蘭), the ex-wife of a Chinese official and a politically exposed person, has pleaded guilty to immigration fraud related to the EB5 investor visa program in the US and will serve a term of incarceration of five years. Zhao conspired with her husband, Jianjun Qiao (喬建軍), aka Feng Li, to immigrate to […]

$2,000,000,000,000 in Proceeds of Corruption Removed from China and Taken to US, Australia, Canada and Netherlands

Tweet The questions and answers I’ve been asked the most in 2016 about China: Q: How much money has been removed from China in proceeds of corruption? A: According to the Bank of China, way over US$120 Billion or CAD$160 Billion between the years 1995-2008. China appears to have quit sharing data officially after 2011 […]

China and US agree to cooperate to help China track down & repatriate “economic fugitives”

Tweet Late last week, at a meeting in Beijing, the US and China agreed to continue cooperating in the removal of Chinese foreign nationals from the US who are suspected of having immigrated with proceeds of corruption. The meeting took place between Meng Jianzhu, Secretary of the Central Politics and Law Commission, and national police chief Guo […]

Ming Pao Newspaper covers diamond smuggling trade from Hong Kong to Vancouver

Tweet Diamond smuggling into Vancouver The Ming Pao Saturday Magazine has an interesting story on the arrest of two men from Hong Kong who attempted to smuggle $120 million worth of diamonds into Canada. The diamonds were strapped to their legs and are believed to be proceeds of crime. The story discusses the issue of […]

The Chinese Way – the impact of China’s anti-corruption campaign on trade-based money laundering and Macau casinos

Tweet Money Laundering Bulletin in the UK has a good article out today on the anti-corruption drive in China and its impact on the casinos in Macau, which explores the anti-money laundering lapses and lack of legislation in the gambling industry in Macau, and the corresponding increase of trade-based money laundering in China. Trade-based money laundering […]

Asian newspaper says money mules from Asia are smuggling suitcases full of US cash to Vancouver to avoid FATCA and IRS

Tweet Suitcases full of cash muled to Vancouver by cash couriers According to this article in South China Morning Post, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA“), will result in the growth of Asia’s underground or shadow banking system, including an increase in the use of cash mules who transport suitcases full of US cash from […]

China seeking advice on deporting 1,000 EB-5 immigrants from US and recover assets in what may be the first cases of G20 “denial of safe haven” policy

Tweet Removal of Foreign Nationals & Asset Recovery According to several news reports, such as the one here, the government of China is in discussions with the US government (and firms) regarding the process to deport or extradict former Chinese nationals believed to have immigrated with billions of dollars in proceeds of crime from corruption. […]

Chinese tycoon and brother sentenced to death for financial crimes and mafia-style murders

Tweet Liu Han, the 148th richest man in China, sentenced to death with his brother and several employees 湖北省咸宁市中级人民法院23日上午9时对刘汉、刘维等36人组织、领导、参加黑社会性质组织罪以及故意杀人罪等案件一审公开宣判。 判决被告人刘汉、刘维犯组织、领导黑社会性质组织罪、故意杀人罪等罪,均被决定执行死刑,剥夺政治权利终身,并处没收个人全部财产;被告人唐先兵、张东华、田先伟、袁绍林、文香灼、张伟、曾建军、黄谋、刘岗、旷小坪、钟昌华、桓立柱犯参加黑社会性质组织罪、故意杀人罪、故意伤害罪等罪,分别被决定执行死刑、死刑缓期两年执行或无期徒刑,剥夺政治权利终身,并处一定数额罚金;被告人孙华君、缪军、陈力铭、曾建、詹军、李波、旷晓燕、郑旭、仇德峰、李君国、肖永红、孙长兵、王万洪、闵杰、车大勇、王雷、刘光辉、刘小平、刘淼犯参加黑社会性质组织罪、故意杀人罪、故意伤害罪等罪,分别被决定执行或判处二十年至三年不等的有期徒刑,其中部分被告人并处一定数额罚金或没收个人部分财产;被告人刘学军、刘忠伟、吕斌犯包庇、纵容黑社会性质组织罪、受贿罪,分别被决定执行有期徒刑十六年、十三年、十一年,并处没收违法所得;被告单位汉龙集团犯骗取贷款、票据承兑、金融票证罪,判处罚金人民币三亿元。共判处5人死刑、5人死刑缓期两年执行,4人无期徒刑,22人有期徒刑。

US Federal Reserve says Bitcoin will force change but has serious risks

Tweet Bitcoin’s disruptive technology will force banks to change and adapt but some issues identified including regulatory arbitrage and consumer protection The Board of Governors for the US Federal Reserve published minutes of their recent meeting on a wide-range of economic issues, including Bitcoin. Positive Aspects The Board noted several important and positive aspects of Bitcoin, namely: Bitcoin will force traditional […]

Carson Yeung – The life of a money launderer in Hong Kong and Macau

Tweet Money laundering For junket operators Bloomberg has a great story on the rise and fall of Carson Yeung Ka-shing, the Hong Kong businessman and owner of the Birmingham City football club, convicted earlier this week of  laundering $93 million through, inter alia, junket operators and casinos in Macau. Mr. Yeung was arrested in June […]