Report on illicit transfer of funds out of Russia

Tweet Global Financial Integrity has released an interesting study detailing the illicit flow of funds from Russia to other countries. The highlights of the study entitled “Russia: Illicit Financial Flows and the Role of the Underground Economy”, available here, are that: From 1994 – 2011, Russia lost US$211 billion in illicit cash outflow; Most of […]

British judge extradited to Italy on money laundering charges

Tweet Judge extradited for suspected money laundering Colin Dines, a retired British judge and former criminal law lawyer, is being extradited from London to Rome to face charges by an Italian magistrate that he was part of a transnational criminal organization complicit in laundering ¬£344 million at the behest of the Mafia. In 2010, an […]

Canada’s report on organized crime highlights criminal trends

Tweet The 2010 Report on Organized Crime published last month by the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada¬†highlights current criminal markets operating in Canada. In any criminal market, the proceeds of the underlying criminal activity are laundered to conceal the origin of the funds. According to the report, the main criminal markets in Canada are: counterfeit goods […]