US federal court rules NSA surveillance program legal and necessary for counter terrorism

Tweet NSA program legal and necessary for counter-terrorism A U.S. federal court ruled today ruled that the National Security Agency (“NSA“) collection of personal telecommunications records is not only legal but is a valuable tool necessary to counter the threat of terrorism. According to various media reports, the NSA collects, views, categorizes and retains our […]

Court of Appeal in British Columbia rules that anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing laws applied to lawyers infringe fundamental freedom

Tweet Anti-Money Laundering Laws Infringe Independence of Bar The Court of Appeal for British Columbia ruled today that the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, as it applies to lawyers in that province, interferes to an unacceptable degree with the independence of the Bar as a principle of fundamental justice, and as a consequence, […]

Omar Khadr sentenced to 40 years

Tweet Convicted terrorist Omar Khadr has been sentenced to 40 years in prison by a U.S. military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. Under a plea agreement he will serve eight years in prison. Khadr may apply to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada after one year. The government is not obliged to agree to […]

Terrorist financing charge laid in alleged terrorism plot in Canada

Tweet Three Canadian citizens, Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30 and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, both of Ottawa and Khurram Syed Sher, 28, of London, Ont., have been charged in an alleged terrorism plot in Canada. Alizadeh, the alleged ring-leader of the group, is also charged with terrorist financing for allegedly making property or financial services available to […]