Canada introduces anticipated Protection of Canada From Terrorists Act

New Anti-Terrorism Measures The Government of Canada released its proposed new anti-terrorism legislation today, entitled the Protection of Canada From Terrorists Act, Bill C-44 (the “PCFT“). The material part of the PCTF amends the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and is quite short. It does as follows: Clarifies that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (“CSIS“) has the […]

Canada to adopt terrorism law to spy on homegrown terrorists – will it be challenged?

New proposed terrorism surveillance law The government of Canada will announce proposed legislation tomorrow to increase its counter-terrorism measures in response to the national security threats from the Islamic State. The proposed law will give more power to CSIS agents in Canada to detect and track persons associated with, or suspected to be associated with, […]

Canada announces regulation of bitcoin, digital currencies and Internet gambling sites under anti-money laundering laws

Federal government to regulate bitcoin and other digital currencies As was widely anticipated, the federal government announced today that it will amend federal legislation to require the regulation of digital currencies like bitcoin in order to eliminate the potential risks of digital currencies being used for terrorist financing and money laundering. Interestingly, the proposed legislation […]

Canadian charity may have indirectly funded terrorism

A Canada Revenue Agency audit of a Mississauga, Ontario charity called Islamic Society of North America Development Foundation has raised concerns that more than $280,000 was raised by the charity for terrorist financing in Pakistan. Pursuant to the audit, CRA is concerned that the funds were diverted to Hizbul Mujahideen, a group that seeks the […]

US annual report on terrorism identifies terrorist safe havens

US Terrorism Report Released The U.S. Department of State released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism today (the “Report“), and interestingly, identified 10 key terrorist safe havens worldwide, namely Somalia, Mali, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia and Venezuela. On the specific country reports, the Report identified positive steps taken by Canadian courts in […]

Auditor General of Canada says $3.1 billion in funding to combat terrorism unaccounted for in Canada

The Auditor General of Canada, Michael Ferguson, released his Spring 2013 Report (the “Report“) today and among the key findings, found that a whopping $3.1 billion in funding to programs to combat terrorism in Canada is unaccounted for. Moreover, the Report found that some of the $12.9 billion approved for fighting terrorism in Canada went to pay for […]

Court of Appeal in British Columbia rules that anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing laws applied to lawyers infringe fundamental freedom

Anti-Money Laundering Laws Infringe Independence of Bar The Court of Appeal for British Columbia ruled today that the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, as it applies to lawyers in that province, interferes to an unacceptable degree with the independence of the Bar as a principle of fundamental justice, and as a consequence, held […]

Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act comes info force in Canada

As anticipated, the federal Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (the “Act“) came into force in Canada on March 13, 2013 without much fanfare. The Act creates a cause of action that allows victims of terrorism to sue natural and legal persons (and of particular interest, listed entities) and certain foreign states, in a Canadian court for loss […]

Supreme Court of Canada upholds terrorism conviction and sentence of life imprisonment

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an appeal by convicted terrorist Mohammed Khawaja from a decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal that upheld his conviction for terrorism under the Anti-Terrorism Act and had imposed a sentence of life imprisonment plus 24 years on Khawaja for his crimes.

Supreme Court of Canada dismisses extradition appeal of alleged terrorist financier

Extradition Appeal Dismissed The Supreme Court of Canada today refused an appeal by Suresh Sriskandarajah from the Ontario Court of Appeal upholding an order for his extradition to the United States to face charges of terrorist financing and money laundering.