3 Canadians who operated a $233 million binary financial biz accused of lies and illegal securities distribution by Ontario Securities Commission

Three Canadians who ran a binary financial business that allegedly took in $233 million from investors, are alleged to have engaged in the illegal distribution of securities that impacted investors from several countries in the world. The three are Josh Cartu, Jonathan Cartu and David Cartu. The binary business was allegedly operated in Israel. OSC […]

BC Securities Commission issues intriguing cease trade order against a non-BC company

Updated July 8, 2020 Cease trade order against foreign entity The British Columbia Securities Commission (the “BCSC“) has issued an intriguing order that all persons must cease trading (the “CTO“) the shares of a non-British Columbia company called Sandy Steele Unlimited Inc. (“Sandy Steele“). Sandy Steele is a pubco incorporated in Minnesota that appears to […]

SEC files for default judgment against several tax haven shell companies allegedly controlled by Vancouver men accused of US$35 million international pump and dump

This week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC“) filed applications for default judgement against several companies, including several shells in tax havens with Canadian nominee control persons, involved in an alleged US$35 million international pump and dump scheme. Six individuals, including three Canadians, at least one from Vancouver, were charged in an SEC complaint in […]

Another week; another SEC suspension of pubco shares connected to Canada promoting Covid-19 treatment

Cedar tree drugs for China The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC“) issued an order to temporarily suspend the trading of the shares of another pubco with ties to Canada – this time is was Vancouver-based Roadman Investments Corp. (“Roadman“). Roadman made statements to the investing public suggesting oil from cedar leaves may be effective to […]

SEC suspends trading temporarily of pubco, with ties to Canada, selling a virus killing mask for covid-19

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC“) temporarily halted the trading of shares of an issuer called Bioelife Corp. over concerns about the accuracy of its claims, and claims of stock promoters, that it has developed coronavirus protective products, and over potentially manipulative trading activity. Bioelife is a shell, according to its website. It used […]

SEC files injunction against digital currency executives who allegedly obtained investments on the basis of false representations

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC“) filed a complaint in Texas on March 16, 2020, against Robert Dunlap, Nicole Bowdler, the girlfriend of Dunlap, and a former Washington State Senator, David Schmidt, in connection with a digital currency they launched called Meta 1 coin (the “MetaCoin“) which raised US$4 million from the public. […]

SEC locates pump & dump alleged mastermind in Ibiza who used a Vancouver lawyer for the alleged scheme

Biozoom boy found in Ibiza The alleged mastermind behind the alleged pump and dump securities fraud case involving Biozoom, Francisco Abellan Villena, has been located in Ibiza, the playground for billionaires. Villena is currently incarcerated in Ibiza, perhaps on an extradition warrant from the US. He was located by an investigator in Spain hired at […]

Canada’s securities commissions issue guidance to regulate Bitcoin exchanges and other digital currency or crypto assets

The CSA guidance The Canadian securities commissions, through the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA“), issued guidance on digital currencies and digital currency exchanges in Canada, the impact of which fundamentally changes the legal landscape for digital currency exchanges and puts the vast majority of them under the supervision of provincial securities commissions. The securities commissions […]

“Take the money and run, and blame someone else” – a digital currency exchange founder’s exit strategy

The brother A criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of New York and deposed by a special agent of the FBI against Konstantin Ignatov, an executive who helped operate a digital currency company called OneCoin and a digital currency exchange, sheds some light on the murky world of OneCoin. The money From 2014 to […]