Mafia dad and his 3 children sentenced to long jail terms for illegal gambling

According to several news reports in Italy (here, here and here), a whole family of the ‘Ndrangheta, an international criminal organization that originated in Italy, was convicted Wednesday of illegally operating online gambling websites after a three year trial called “Black Monkey”. Nicola Femia, his daughter and two sons were sentenced to 56 years incarceration collectively [...]

Ontario judge rules on admissibility of evidence in online criminal gambling prosecution

An Ontario court has ruled that evidence seized from the car of a person alleged to be connected to the Hell’s Angels can be admitted at trial even when that evidence was taken ostensibly under one piece of legislation, but was intended to be admitted for an investigation under other legislation. In November 2012, Andrew Bielli [...]

One of the Montreal Mafia’s new leadership contenders worked at Dream Casino in the Dominican Republic

Change of guard among Mafia The assassination Friday of Rocco Sollecito, a close associate of former Montreal Mafia chief, Vito Rizzuto, announces a change of guard among the Mafia leadership. No one knows who will succeed Vito Rizzuto to run the Montreal Mafia, but here, La Presse projects that it may be Gianpietro Tiberio. Dream Casino  Tiberio [...]

How Canadian billionaire Michael DeGroot’s US$111 million loan for casinos in the Dominican Republic turned into “an ugly battle with a shady cast of characters” including the Mafia

How Billionaire Michael DeGroot lost $111 million in loans to people connected to the mob to run casinos in the Dominican Republic and never saw a penny of it back.

Organized crime alleged to control some ATMs in Canada for money laundering

Organized Crime & Private ATMs According to a report by the RCMP reported by Radio-Canada, organized crime in Canada is using private ATMs to launder proceeds of crime. The RCMP estimates that at least $315 million is laundered each year by private ATMs and some of those are connected to the Hells Angels in Quebec. [...]